kPo DX-5000 Plus 10m

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NEW "PLUS" Version

The 7th generation K-PO DX-5000 Plus is the latest version of this fully featured amateur radio HF mobile transceiver which is pre-programmed the the 10m amateur band (28.000 - 29.700 Mhz) however you can unlock the export band without connecting to a PC (see below).  

New features on Version 7 (DX-5000 Plus):

  • VOX
  • CTCSS/DCS codes
  • RX compander
  • Noise gate
  • RX noise reduction (extra PCB inside the radio)
  • Microphone type selection: electret or dynamic
  • Program cable connector on the backside of the radio (program cable is optional)
  • Extra ventilation holes on the top and bottom cover

Inside the sleek black design of the DX5000 is an impressive array of features, including: 40w FM/SSB output (12w AM), dual frequency and channel display, 6 programmable bands, echo, scan, PA facility, RF gain, dual watch, time-out timer, voltage display, roger bleep, adjustable power, noise blanker and ANL, built in SWR meter, hi-cut filter and input voltage protection.

The radio has 6 bands of up to 60 channels that can be programmed for export purposes from 25.615 - 30.105.

  • 28-29.7 MHz frequency range (expandable to 25.615-30.105 MHz)
  • Transmit power FM: 40W SSB: 30W AM/CW: 12W
  • Frequency steps: 10 Hz/100 Hz/1 kHz/10 kHz
  • RF control
  • Noise blanker and ANL function (AM only)
  • Programmable controller Clarifier
  • S-Meter
  • Roger Beep
  • Output power continuously adjustable (for AM / FM)
  • Scan function
  • Echo function can be activated
  • Dual Watch
  • Built-in SWR meter
  • Display of the operating voltage of the display
  • SWR protection circuit
  • Protection against excessive input voltage
  • +10kHz Switch
  • Reset function
  • Time-Out Timer
  • Hi-cut function
  • Emergency Call
  • Switchable keypad lock
  • 3.5 mm jack for external speaker
  • CW side tone 300Hz - 3 adjustable kHz in 10 Hz steps
  • Socket for PA (Paging Speaker)
  • PL-antenna connection socket