Solarcon Dial-a-Match

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Solarcon Dial-a-Match

Originally made by Valor, the USA made antenna are unique in their easy swr tuning - just screw the tuning rings up/down, lock them together, and there you go!

Compact and neat, these are not high performing antenna but if you are looking for something less obvious on you car they may be for you.

Available in 24", 36" and 43" versions.

The 2ft version is now only available in a "cellular style". This has a "pigtail" open coil in the centre of the 24" whip (similar to early phone aerials).

Total Length 24" - 43"
Coil length 40mm
Coil diameter 20mm
Frequency 26-28MHz
Max Power 50W
Fitting 3/8