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President Richard 10m

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40W FM,  50W (PEP) AM

A high power mobile covering the 10m Amateur band (28-29.7MHz), on FM & AM (not SSB).

Despite it's "old school" appearance (with analogue meter) this radio is packed with features, accessed through a menu system, from variable power to built-in echo. One of the unique features is the ability to select either dynamic or electret mic input - the first time we have seen this on President radios. Have a browse through the instructions (link below) to see all the features.

The radio can also be expanded to cover 11m (only for use where permitted), and when expanded will cover from 24.715 - 30.105MHz.

The radio can also be set up to include both the UK and EU CB channels.

Please note, this radio is NOT legal to use on the CB channels in the UK because of it's high output power.

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Supply: 13.2 V
Channel selector: rotary
VFO mode:
Volume: Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
RF Power:
Squelch: Manual squelch
Display: LCD multifunction
Frequencies display:
S-meter: vu-meter
Public address:
Automatic SWR meter:
Filter ANL:
Filter NB:
Filter HI-CUT:
RF Gain:
F / Menu function key:
Key Beep:
Roger beep:
SWR (Power Reading /SWR):
Preset channel: EMG 1/2 (customizable)
Microphone plug: front (6 pins)
External Vox microphone jack:
External loudspeaker jack:
Size: 170 (W) x 160 (D) x 52 (H)
DIN Size:
Weight: 1.1 kg

Technical characteristics

Modulation modes: AM / FM
Frequency ranges:

28.000 MHz to 29.700 MHz (standard)
24.715 MHz to 30.105 MHz (expanded)

Antenna impedance: 50 ohms
Power supply: 12 V
Size: 170 (W) x 160 (D) x 52 (H)
DIN Size:
Weight: 1.1 kg
Accessories supplied: power cord with fuse
1 microphone UP/DOWN and its hanger
1 mounting bracket with fixing screws
Frequency allowance: +/- 300 Hz
Carrier power: 13 W AM (~50 W PEP) / 40 W FM
Transmission interference: inferior to 4 nW (- 54 dBm)
Audio response : 300 Hz to 3 KHz in AM/FM
Emitted power in the adj. channel: inferior to 20 μW
Microphone sensitivity: 3,0 mV
Drain: 7 A max. (with modulation)
Modulated signal distortion: 1.8%
Maxi. sensitivity at 20 dB sinad: 0,7 μV -110 dBm (AM) / 0,35 μV -116 dBm (FM)
Frequency response: 300 Hz to 3 kHz in AM/FM
Adjacent channel selectivity: 60 dB
Maximum audio power: 3 W
Squelch sensitivity: mini 0.2 μV - 120 dBm / maxi 1 mV - 47 dBm
Frequency image rejection rate: 60 dB
Intermediate frequency rej. rate: 70 dB
Drain: 500 mA max